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Tax Rebates

From builders and joiners to groundworkers and plumbers, UK construction workers in the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) can claim tax rebates. It’s important to do it, too.


An average CIS tax rebate claim with Company Tax Credits comes to £3,745.

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''Company Tax Credits helped to maximise my refund when they put me in touch with a specialist after my previous accountants messed up''

Paul Lacey, Asher BEC Construction

Construction Industry Scheme

What is CIS?

The CIS (Construction Industry Scheme) covers nearly all types of construction work within the UK, including things like site preparation, repairs, decoration and demolition. Most kinds of general contractors need to register for CIS.

The Construction Industry Scheme is a set of rules for construction contractors explaining how to pay their subcontractors. When they pay a subcontractor, they take a cut of their money and send it straight to HMRC, which goes towards the worker's Tax and National Insurance Contributions. Right now, the rate of CIS tax is 20%.

CIS Tax Refunds

What costs can my CIS tax rebate cover?

A CIS tax rebate can put cash back in your pocket whenever you’ve spent your own money just to do your job. Usually, it does this by bringing down the amount of your income that you’re being taxed on. These costs can include:

  • Travel costs, which can be either mileage expenses using your own vehicle or through the use of public transport.

  • Meals while you’re working, or on the road.

  • Accommodation if you need to stop overnight while travelling.

  • Parking fees and tolls you have to pay yourself.

  • Upkeep and replacement of any essential tools or protective equipment.

  • Public liability insurance and fees to professional bodies, where they’re needed for your work.

  • Home office bills like phone use, postage and stationery.

Our experts look into your claim, and will then pinpoint all the expenses that qualify for tax relief. That means you’ll never get tripped up by a confusing rule or find yourself claiming too little (or worse, too much. HMRC enquiries are never fun).

Sadly, there are some unscrupulous tax refund advisers out there taking advantage of CIS workers. So always make sure you are dealing with a reputable company that knows what they are doing. Luckily, we have done all of the legwork for you, to ensure that every specialist we connect you to will always be one of the market-leading advisors.

CIS Tax Back

Your £3,745 tax refund is waiting - so why are you?

Company Tax Credits do all the hard work, you enjoy the rewards!

  • Over 65% of tradespeople are missing out

  • £300 million goes unclaimed each year

  • Company Tax Credits have helped around 15,000+ tradespeople get back what they're owed

Company Tax Credits can introduce you to some of the UK's leading experts in CIS tax and builder's expenses. If it takes a whole vanload of out-of-pocket expenses to do your job, let us put the cashback in your hands.

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