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Business Rates
Tax Relief

Running a business can bring huge financial pressures. One of your biggest costs will likely be your Business Rates.


But many UK businesses are discovering that they can save their company thousands just by challenging their Business Rates. It’s common for Rateable Values to be wrong and these errors affect how much you pay.


You could be entitled to a huge reduction in your rates and claim a rebate of 5 years.

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Business Rates Relief Scheme

What are
Business Rates?

Every property that is used (or partly used) for commercial purposes will be required to pay Business Rates, also known as Non-Domestic Rates. This form of tax is charged on properties such as offices, dental surgeries, shops, pubs, warehouses and factories.

Business Rates Refunds

How do you correct your Business Rates?

If you think you are overpaying your business rates, it’s worth knowing that you can be appeal to have them re-assessed. Rating valuations can be complex and appealing your business rates is both time consuming and confusing. This is why many businesses opt to use a professional service to help them with their appeal.

Claim back Business Rates

How do I reduce Business Rates?

You can choose to appeal the Rateable Value of your business rates through the Valuation Office Agency (VOA). Rating valuations can be complex and appealing your business rates is both time consuming and confusing. We handle the whole process on your behalf, leaving you with less stress and more time to focus on your business.

Business Rates Allowance

Why should you check your Business Rates?

Many businesses are unknowingly overpaying their business rates every year. Why is this? It all comes down to whether your Rateable Value is correct and that depends on the VOA holding accurate information about your property details.

Where do I find my Business Rates?

Your local council will send you a business rates bill in February or March each year. This is for the following tax year. You can also estimate your business rates bill yourself.

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